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We start by caring for your most important asset: your legs. We remind you when its time to replace your shoes, find the best price available and then give you an additional 20% discount. We even recycle your worn-out shoes so you can run afresh and help take care of our world.

Prevent injury: ReRunnr will remind you that your shoes are about to wear out
Save money: Replace your shoes and get up to 20% discount on the new pair from the ReRunnr store
Be sustainable: Pop your old shoes in the ReRunnr Bag and send them back to us
Keep on running!

You've been through a lot with your running shoes. From favorite trails, parks and roads to races and events - they've done every mile with you. it's important to replace them, but what do you do with the old ones?

At ReRunnr we know that throwing your old shoes in the trash just feels wrong. So we offer a better way - every pair of new shoes comes with the ReRunnr Bag for your old ones. Send them off to our recycling partners and know that there's a second life for worn-out shoes.

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ReRunnr helps its members to recycle their old shoes, as well as giving them a 20% discount on new ones.

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