The ReRunnr story

About Us

ReRunnr was created in 2021 by runners for runners.

We all knew that we should be changing our running shoes regularly to avoid injuries, but all too often we left it just that bit too late. And when we finally received our newest pair of running shoes we felt terrible about throwing the old ones away. To the extent that we built up closets full of worn out running shoes that didn't really seem ready for the trash.

So we came up with a simple idea - why not give runners an easy way to replace worn shoes and help them recycle their old ones?

This is ReRunnr : Renew / Recycle / Rerun

Meet our team

Simon Talling-Smith

Simon has been running since his schooldays, eventually adding swimming and biking to his triathlon mix. He came up with the idea for ReRunnr whilst running trails in his hometown Barcelona.

Simon is also a Senior Advisor to the Boston Consulting Group and The Commons Project.

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Rob Le Bras-Brown

Another British runner, Rob has been lucky enough to live and run all over the world. An advisor to ReRunnr, Rob now lives in France and gets out running and biking around Provence.

When Rob is not running or biking he is CEO of Maison, a brand development agency.

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Hudson Andrews

Hudson's the competition athlete on the ReRunnr team having raced track and cross-country from childhood through college. A California state champion in younger years, he is now happily putting in a few miles in the Hollywood Hills and by the LA beaches where he finds time to advise ReRunnr.

Other than running, Hudson is Head of Marketing at Surf Air Mobility.

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Why join the ReRunnr club?

ReRunnr helps its members to recycle their old shoes, as well as giving them a 20% discount on new ones.

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