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Hudson Andrews

Hudson's the competition athlete on the ReRunnr team having raced track and cross-country from childhood through college. A California state champion in younger year, he is now happily putting in a few miles in the Hollywood Hills and by the LA beaches where he finds time to advise ReRunnr.

Other than running, Hudson is Head of Marketing at Surf Air Mobility.

Tell us about some of your favorite runs?

It's hard to beat the surrounding hills of Simi Valley, CA, where I trained for most of my competitive career. But for me it was always more about racing, so what stands out most are the track stadiums I was able to compete in, most notably Hayward Field at the University of Oregon.

Are you a shoe loyalist?

Diehard Brooks fan for training. Diehard Nike fan for racing spikes.

Are you a social runner or happier with your headphones?

Intentionally social. If you can’t carry on a good chat when out for a jog, you’re running too fast. Also, in the words of Christopher McCandless from Into the Wild, “Happiness only real when shared.”

What's your running mantra?

Pain is temporary, pride is forever.

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