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ReRunnr Ambassadors

Passionate about running and sustainability as well? You sound like the perfect champion for the ReRunnr cause.

ReRunnr Ambassadors are our front face amongst running communities. As an Ambassador you'll be helping to promote sustainability amongst runners, as well as helping them avoid injuries by renewing their shoes on time. Of course you and your community will also benefit from generous discounts on new purchases in the ReRunnr store.

So what does this involve?

Simply put - you'll be doing something that you're already good at! Sharing the ReRunnr message on your favorite social media channels, creating simple content like photos, videos or articles and recruiting members from your communities. Easy.

And what's in for me?

At ReRunnr we see our Ambassadors are a real part of the team. In fact we even go as far as giving you stock options in company so that one day you could share in the upside in a meaningful way. And as long as you're an active ReRunnr Ambassador you'll get a free membership plus a bonus affiliate payment for every person you recruit to being a paying member of ReRunnr. Not to forget the all-important free ReRunnr merch !

Sound interesting?

If you think you have the time and skills to succeed as a ReRunnr Ambassador, just hit the Apply button above - we're looking forward to having you on the team!