ReRunnr Deal Radar

ReRunnr is with you for much more than the sale of a beautiful new pair of running shoes - we're here for the replacement pair, and the one after, and the next...  So ReRunnr Members can be sure that they are getting the best deal on their next set of shoes without lifting a finger to their keyboards or tapping their screens.

ReRunnr Deal Radar continually scans the market for promotions and special offers and automatically tells you if your preferred shoes are on sale anywhere. Not only will you get your new running shoes in good time to replace your worn ones, there's a good chance that you're going to snag a great deal at the same time.

Not to forget that ReRunnr Members get an additional 20% discount on these deal prices as well.

After all, as runners we have better things to worry about than checking shoe prices every day. We need to focus on our training, our motivation and the sheer enjoyment of this wonderful sport.



Why join the ReRunnr Club?

ReRunnr helps its members to recycle their old shoes, as well as giving them a 20% discount on new ones.

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